Machine learning solution for quality and
shelf-life predictions of perishable fruits


AgriNorm is a Swiss based deep-tech startup leveraging scientific advances in plant genetics, biochemistry and machine learning techniques for the optimization of perishable fruits supply chain.


AgriNorm is developing an AI-powered cloud-based system for predicting the expected quality properties and shelf-life of perishable fruits at the farm gate. This will allow our customers to:

1. Improve margins through optimization of sales channels via smart allocation of the right products to the right clients.

2. Save costs via waste reduction, prevention of claims and avoidance of freights expenditures.

AgriNorm’s solution consists of 4 components:


Data collection

Measurements of fruit characteristics from different points in the supply chain are taken using a specialized protocol with a set of distinct and complementary tools.


AI Engine

Data is consumed by an AI engine, where a highly specialized neural network architecture combines the labeled data from multiple sources into a coherent quality model.



The engine’s predictions about the future expected quality and shelf-life are interpreted and visualized by an analytics layer.

User interfaces

User interfaces

The insights produced can be viewed on mobile apps, web-interface, integrated into existing ERP systems or consumed via API calls.